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Termin Reservierung für Neukunden 

Dear new customers


Thank you for reserving your first appointment with us. To confirm your reserve we need a deposit .


You are welcome to leave this personally in our salon or conveniently via PayPal .


Our PayPal account is


Please enter your first and last name, your appointmet date and a telephone number in the comment / message .




The amount of the disposition depends on the service.


1. Ladies (washing, cutting & styling) € 49

2. Ladies (washing & styling) € 25

3. Ladies (coloration / color treatment) € 80


4. Mens (washing, cutting & styling) € 30



Please authorize the payment of a desposit for the appointment reservation for your first visit, this will of course be offset against your visit.


If the deadline is not met, the deposit will be retained as compensation for the deadline.

Should you have a change in the scheduling, we ask you to inform us at least 24 hours before the actual appointment in order to avoid problems.


Please reserve first an appointment and then realize the paymet of the deposit.


Sincerely, Steven Eppler

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